“WikiLeaks Facts” exists to provide factual and straightforward answers to many common questions surrounding WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. In addition to the two “Frequently Asked Questions” pages, articles are published which focus on counteracting harmful smears against WikiLeaks.

This website not meant to introduce people to WikiLeaks, but rather help answer the questions raised by people who are already a bit familiar with the organization. If you are new to WikiLeaks, I suggest reading their about page and Julian Assange’s article on Cablegate revelations.

If you come across someone who is perpetuating false information about WikiLeaks, here are a couple tips on how to correct them:

1) Use facts. It is not helpful to WikiLeaks to make up information when trying to prove a point. Be sure what you are saying can be backed up by hard evidence.

2) Be polite. It’s possible to be straightforward without being aggressive. People won’t listen to you or respect your answers if you insult them.

3) Don’t speculate. Speculation can be interesting when used in discussion, but should not be used when trying to correct a falsity. There are plenty of facts to back up your argument without playing into the imaginative.


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